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Insurance is known in general (not of the types of that) is a auto insurance, life insurance and health insurance. Insurance is a product intended to protect the property, such as cars, houses, apartments, and more. This insurance is usually to protect from the threat or danger around us. If you have a vehicle that is used by you every day. You must ensure that your vehicle is covered by auto insurance companies. If the car is owned by you may be advisable to use the best choices, one of which is a car insurance all risk best. It became the first and foremost choice. Why? This is related to a variety of risks that may occur in a trip every day, ranging from your car could have been hit by another vehicle, a victim of vandalism by someone who is not responsible, or even theft. One example which may partly be experienced by people is a car that was hit by public transport. Indeed damage suffered by you only in part on the car body, but it makes the eyes are not beautiful to look at your favorite, is not it. In such cases, the claim can be submitted to the company if this type of insurance is a comprehensive insurance or all risk. Not same with total loss only (TLO), if such cases above experienced by you, then the claim can not be approved by the company. Why is that? Because insurance companies usually provide protection to the type of total loss only applies only if the damage to the car is more than 75% upwards.

Auto Insurance Comparison
If you can compare the two products between all risk with total loss only. It  will obtain the benefits of the existing differences. Another benefit that can be obtained by you (if using all risk types) is insured will be protected in case of riots or vandalism, which resulted in damage to a car owned by insured. If you use a product total loss only, you will get no benefits. If you can see some of the news on television, there are some fights that carried out by a group of people that could be detrimental to the insured or the policy owner. You are encouraged to purchase products all risk so as not to suffer a great loss in the days to come. You should be able to understand your needs. The things described by me not to judge that all risk insurance is better than the total insurance loss only. You can better understand the advantages and the type of protection that can be obtained for you. Although all risk insurance has many advantages, it does not mean the insurance total loss only has a lower quality. Insured must weigh several factors before purchasing this type of insurance that will be used to protect your beloved vehicle. Car insurance all risk rating ranging 1.45% (depending on the policy set by the auto insurance companies). You can ask to your insurance agent to get more information. Car insurance all risk rating as the rating on the type of insurance in general is determined by the price of the car at the market price and the insurance company that can define it. Therefore, if your car is still new to the market price of approximately US$ 80,000 car owners usually only pay a premium of about 1.45% per year (not binding). List the percentage will further increase, it will be affected by the production car. If your car has an older age, it will have the probability to experience greater damage.
If we can think about insurance, the first thing in mind is to be free from financial losses due to accidents that may occur in the vehicle. Since the purpose of insurance is to reduce the uncertainty of the possibility of unexpected losses by you. In general, insurance is a product that contains an agreement between a person with an insurance company. In the agreement are the rights and obligations of each party to be met. Indeed, in general, all risk insurance would ensure that any risk to damage suffered by your car. In essence, you are protecting the product dsari whatever threats exist. You have to remember some of the terms imposed by the insurance company. An insurance company will offer this with different features, ranging from the services of a tow truck with a certain rate charges and other costs of coverage. You can compare the amount of the premium and the protection of all risks with a total loss only in lengkapa on your agent. So the amount of premium paid by you will determine the facilities available from the company. By purchasing a policy, you can drive a car with a sense of calm and safe.
Besides the benefits described above, auto insurance also provides protection extension, eg legal liability to third parties or passengers, natural disasters, and others. Nowadays, it is very easy for you to get a auto insurance interesting and appropriate to the needs, because many insurance companies to compete by offering an attractive program. The more people who use the insurance, then it can be demonstrated that public awareness to protect property owned by them of the possibility of danger is getting better. Insurance companies in the country now compete to provide the best service for the community, both in terms of the program until the claim.

Summary Auto Insurance (All Risk)
The above explanation is easy to understand for those of you who want to know about all risk insurance. Indeed, all risk insurance to protect more when compared with the total loss only. So, what are the things to consider if you want to buy car insurance? You need to consider are as follows:
Understand all the options available in the product. You do not have to choose the premiums are expensive, but you also have to be able to understand about the guarantees provided by the company and also other details. One example is anyone who can log in insurance policies (family members who use your vehicle). In addition, the policy set by the insurance company to rent a car or vehicle, and the breakdown of costs beyond insurance premiums may also be charged by the company, and so forth.
You do not just choose the type of insurance because you like the products offered by the company, but also specify the amount of premium you can afford to pay each month. The premium amount can have the insurance coverage to protect the overall cost should you spend in case of an accident. If something bad happens, if only to protect your company only or others may also be covered. In addition, you should ask your agent about the specific costs you must pay that is not covered by insurance companies.

You must know the type of insurance provided by the company, for example, what you can afford to buy another car if your car accident? If you can not afford to buy another car instead of your car damaged in an accident, the type of combined insurance is right for you, because this combined insurance generally corresponds to the value of your car. If you think about using logic, the more expensive the price of your car, the car would increasingly need insurance. Before purchasing car insurance, you must understand the price of the car, you have to know your car well. Habits that occurs in the car, if you travel a lot. Such information and physical information about the car, it is very helpful to you if the auto insurance claims.


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