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Vehicle insurance such as car insurance or motorcycle insurance, it is a product that must be owned by you. It is highly recommended for any car owner to protect any assets. Why it is needed by you? Because the condition of your car on the road can not be known. It is a risk, for example, the occurrence of accidents. You dont want something bad happens to your lovely car, dont you ?. Any event that may occur in the future it can not be known by you. So you do have to be vigilant. Some of the considerations you can do is buy a car insurance product. Definition of car insurance is a type of insurance that bear specific to the all of car, where the risks are likely to occur in the car will be transferred to the insurance company. The company as a guarantor institution. Therefore, buying a car insurance policy is one way to anticipate the risk by shifting to the insurance company.
In choosing a car insurance, you may want to have an insurance premium payments are cheap and have a complete service. In addition, other facilities to consider is the insurance claims faster, and workshop partners that much. However, payment of the amount of insurance premium is determined by several factors. The first is the type of guarantee chosen (comprehensive or total loss), the type of vehicle (motorcycle, car or other), the price of the vehicle or the insurance to be obtained by you, as well as the use of cars (personal, office or commercial). The calculation for the purchase of insurance products is done in proportion to consider these factors. Everyone will want to have the best insurance products. Because this is a product of long-term continuous use by you if you experience an event (claim). However, it is not easy to choose the best car insurance companies. You can consider a few things to be able to choose according to need. Many products are available and offered by the company, but not necessarily able to provide the best service. Therefore, to get the best results how easy it is to compare insurance products online. You can look at the official website of each car insurance company.
Car insurance as one of the products that provide facilities that aim to reduce or prevent losses to be borne by the owner of the car if something bad (crash, or even loss) occurs in the car. The facility can be purchased by you in accordance with the needs and personal desires, or become one of the mandatory requirements for those of you who will buy a car on credit.

Car Insurance Reviews Consumer Reports
In general it is you would have to know the insurance in the market. So also with the protection of ownership are obtained. But if everyone also understand the claims process that will be encountered when a disaster occurs? Is the compensation value obtained in accordance with your thinking? Or even know that under certain conditions the insurer reserves the right to reject claims submitted by you? Some procedures for proper insurance claim.
If an accident in your car, you should immediately report the incident to the insurance company.
You should prepare a document, for example, the chronology of events clearly.
You must make a report of loss if your car is missing at the police station.
Complete supporting documents such as data policy, car documents, the identity of the other driver involved in the accident.
If you did was out of town and filing claims made outside the city, then you need to document the important telephone numbers, location of offices and workshop partners list.
You can ask the surveyor. Usually survey will check the condition of the car at the branch office, workshop partners, or otherwise surveyors can come to your home or office.
You can make sure the insurance company makes the work order to make improvements in the workshop.
Better to make improvements in the workshop partners.

Car Insurance Things to Avoid
Cars are already protected by the company, but in certain circumstances the insurance company has the right to reject the claim. But some things you should avoid to prevent rejection of the claim.  Some insurance company will reject the claim, if:
Drivers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or the like while driving.
The driver of traffic violations.
The validity period of the policy has expired.
Modification or replacement of the technical components of the car without the consent of the insurance company and not listed in the policy.
Crime activities, such as embezzlement car to process claims loss of car.

Driver's license has expired.


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