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Finances appropriately is a difficult issue for some people. This can’t be done in vain, because it will be associated with your finances in the future. Financial planning is one of the abilities that are important in a marriage. There are some cases that occurred in the family as a homemaker or family head fails or less right in arranging finances. Because little experience or knowledge about financial planning, the couple quarreled because there have the same opinion about expenditure and financing in the family. They did not find a proper solution in managing finances. A financial planner is needed in the family. It can reduce the risk of unwanted in the family for the future. Before something bad as imagined by you becoming a reality, each person, either the husband or wife, should know how to manage finances (if it does not have a financial planner).

1.       Savings or investment
When you still don’t have a family is the most enjoyable time. You can be traveling to places of interest, shopping at will, vacation. That is the thing that makes you happy. Remember, your age will continue to grow. You have to start saving your money. You can spend your money to save or invest. You can begin to organize your finances while you are still single. It's not a difficult thing if you are not married. Managing finances is a very pleasant thing. You can divide your money to watch movies, holidays, dating, and more. How when you're married? If you already started when i was single, custom finances if you already have a family not a difficult thing again. You can become a reliable financial planer in the family. Indeed, managing finances must be trained when you were young. You can save money to be saved or invested by the time you receive a salary or income. Saving money in the beginning you receive a salary or receive a better income compared to deposit funds from the rest of your salary or income. It has a great impact and very much different. If you save from the beginning, then you get used to being a financial discipline. The amount of money to be saved still you can define yourself. Ideally, you can save from 10% up to 30% of your income.

2.       Have insurance
Insurance is a basic requirement for you. So, life insurance or health insurance, choose the one that is needed by you? 2 types of insurance are important to have. However, you can prioritize the needs that must be met. Indeed actually, health insurance is more important than life insurance if you are not protected from the office. However, if you've worked at a company, it will usually be given the facility. You don’t want to pay for the hospital, doctors, medicine, and the other with his own money if you are sick, don’t you? Health costs are very expensive. You definitely don’t want savings owned by you should be taken due to defray the cost of the hospital. You can pay health insurance premiums gradually. There are many insurance companies that provide adequate facilities to protect your health.

3.       Pension fund
Some people can not enjoy a comfortable retirement for less than the maximum financial plan. Indeed, managing finances is much better when you're young. There is a quote about 'young man is a time for fun'. There is nothing wrong with this quote. If you're young can utilize your time well. Retirement is still a long time, then the funds are deposited to the pension fund is still not too big. You can save money for pension funds 5% of income per month. These funds can still be saved in the form of investment. If you are happy to invest, you can use it to buy mutual funds or insurance products. You can think of a few things, such as a pension at the age of 55 years and life expectancy up to 80 years. If at this time you are 25 years of age. You can calculate your productive period of 30 years (55 years - 25 years) is greater than the time to spend 25 years (age 55-80). Then how is it calculated? You can set the amount of money required by you with a competent financial planner in order to obtain maximum results.

4.       Prepare an emergency fund
Emergency fund is a fund that can not be used for urgent needs. It is necessary to consider. Emergency fund is very important for someone who does not have a family. Emergency fund is usually used for emergency nature such as the termination of employment of the company, then an emergency fund can be used by you to open a business.

5.       Installment debt is not more than 30% of salary.
The amount of the discount given by the supermarket can make you to love to shop using a credit card. If you can not restrict the use of this credit card, it will be like to owe. It's not a good idea. Consumptive nature needs to be controlled by you. Don’t over do it in the shop using a credit card. Debt is actually allowed, with a note is needed. Consumer debt should not be more than 15% of salary per month, and the total mortgage debt no more than 30% of income per month salary.

6.       Set aside money to help others.

If you have friends who are in need of your help. Good, you can help your friends. This life would be better if you can be useful to others. Everyone is required to help others who are experiencing difficulties. You can set aside 3% of your salary to help those in need. In this life there are many people who find it difficult to get food, clothing, shelter, and other. This fortune could be health, safety, opportunities or materials obtained by you.


Life for giving.

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