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credit card
credit card
Easy and convenient. Those are the two words that it can be understood by most people who have a credit card. Convenience of shopping with credit cards often make us forget for a bill that may accrue. even if it is not made clear details, may exceed the ability to pay the bills each month. Therefore, make healthy shopping list becomes important, where the use of credit cards can be known by you. it can minimize the number of bills that can be controlled. At the beginning of the time you make a credit card, you can immediately use it. Quite simple, is not it. I like the ease to using this credit card. This card is very useful for our lives. One is a person does not carry cash if you want to shop. Simply move the card, the goods can be directly taken home. This makes many people fascinated with it. However, it is true that you use this card properly in spending the goods according to your needs?
By using this card, I felt the burden of "losing money", which is often felt when paying cash to buy goods. Credit cards are also frequently used for shopping on the internet. Pay card life seemed to go shopping without a load. I experienced the so-called "buy now pay later" syndrome in the use of credit cards. Without my knowing it, was so comfortably, bills start creeping up. As a result, I got stuck in credit card debt. It took almost a year to settle credit card debt until paid off. From experience (bitter ..), I learned that the credit card will be good for use as a means of payment. The problem arises, if the card is used as a tool in debt. When is it? When we were not able to pay off bills. It was an indication that the use of these cards has passed our financial capacity.
The amount of credit card interest made quickly swell if the arrears are not paid regularly. Increase in arrears does not run in a linear fashion, but has been exponential. This is why it becomes important regarding credit card debt problems addressed early on, before the enlarged number can not be controlled. Although almost everyone knows that's not stuck unhealthy debt, bills must be paid in full, in fact there are many people who have problems with credit card debt. Not a few articles, interviews, writing in newspapers and internet media, which has been discussing this issue, but nonetheless in various media we hear people trapped in credit card debt. Many do not pay off the bill. This is an issue that makes you uncomfortable in life.
When using a credit card, I was actually always wanted to pay off. In order not to bear the burden of debt is too large. I hope there are no plans to go into debt again in the future. However, because it does not know how much use a credit card that has been done, I became complacent and continue to wear. Indeed, it is to meet my needs. However, should be careful to distinguish between needs and wants. When the bill came, I realized the magnitude of the amount of the bill. After that, practically could not do otherwise, except pay. So, before making a payment with this card, should have an idea of ​​how the amount of credit card usage is very important. And more importantly, the information regarding the use of it should be known from the beginning. Do not wait to receive the bill. It can be categorized as a delay. Once the bill comes, nothing can be done again. Meanwhile, if you know from the beginning, we can take steps to prevent or stop the bill swollen.
Several steps were taken to avoid a reasonable bill. Among them is the use of credit cards in the monitor every day. Receipt has been missing is not clear can be collected, all the shopping activity has been recorded in a spreadsheet to make notes in full. Some of the results can be known and after monitored. It was not until half a month, should have stopped using credit cards. Why? Due to the amount of usage has exceeded a reasonable financial ability. Things can be realized by us during. Income or salary is always exhausted used for shopping, it largely depleted to pay the card bill last month. It may be able to make sense of disappointment.
Credit Building Credit Cards
monitor the use of credit cards that are required for its users. Indeed, this should be noted. The benefits can minimize the amount of credit card debt can be managed better. The trick was easily done by us.
First, note all credit card transactions on a regular basis. Do not wait until the bill comes to your home. after the transaction, receipt stored to be recorded in full. Monitoring activities for 1 week, count the total number of credit card usage has been done and compare it with the ability to pay. In this way, the position of credit card usage can be monitored easily, before the bill came. If usage is approaching the limit of ability to pay, can be detected for and take appropriate measures, such as reduction or temporary suspension of transactions with credit cards. Often, because they do not know how much the total transactions in the current month. we do not stop the transaction, even if it is already exceeds the financial capacity. Recording routine can remind users, whether the transaction is over the maximum levels of use.
Secondly, if you bother to save receipts and record it back. You can avail the facility of mobile banking or internet banking. Usually banking companies have a facilities to provide information on the credit card. Every credit card transactions can be viewed online, after the transaction is done. No more need to wait until the invoice comes into your home. Usually there is a lag time between 1 to 3 days after the transaction is done, until the bill appeared on the internet banking. Indeed, this facility is not provided by all of the issuing bank. We need to check several banks, did have this facility. If yes, should this facility can be fully utilized by you.

Third, you should be able to control your exact needs. If you frequently shop using a credit card, then you should not consumptive. Information on credit card must be known and recognized since the beginning after you make it. You must determine your goals for a credit card.


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