New York (NY) Health Insurance Providers

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NY Health Insurance provides insurance company data contained in this country. More and more insurance companies are in a state proves that more and more citizens who need protection against its health. Insurance as a definite step for you to protect you from all risks in life. Almost dozens of insurance companies in the country is always to offering the best products to the public. With products that have distinct characteristics of each company to differentiate with other companies.

Here are some health insurance companies in New York that you need to consider in the list:
Aetna (Aetna Inc.) Is one of the largest health insurance company in the United States. This company is a direct descendant of Aetna insurance Company based in Hartford Connecticut. The company that issued the policy of life insurance in accordance with the first in 1850. The company has restructured its operations by selling the Financial Services division and its international business to the Dutch insurer ING Group. Aetna covers more than 13 million customers in its health plans, plan members teeth nearly 11 million people and more than 12 million members of the insurance group. Indeed as one of the insurance companies that have a lot of customers.

American International Group Inc.(AIG) is one of the international insurance company headquartered in New York City, United States. The company was founded in 1919 and employs about 97 thousand employees. According to a survey conducted by the magazine Forbes once in 2000, AIG is the fourth largest company in the world. The company's revenues in 2012 of approximately US $ 65.656 million. This company should be a consideration for you if you want to take out insurance.

Prudential is one of the insurance companies headquartered in the United States. Prudential and its subsidiaries provide a wide range of products including insurance, investment management. The company has retail and institutional customers residing in the United States and in other countries. The number of subsidiaries that many in various countries (about 30 countries) may prove to be more than US $ 1.9 trillion of life insurance obtained.

State Farm Insurance is an insurance company from a country the United States. The company is engaged in the field of insurance and other financial services. State farm insurance was established in 1922. It turned out that the company had entered in the Fortune 500 in 2013. The magazine made a list ranks companies based on gross revenues. In the magazine, the company was ranked 41 with revenues of approximately US $ 68.291 million. Prepare a checklist to put this company to your selection list.

     Some other companies are New York Life, AIA, Nationwide Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Cigna Health Insurance and many other top insurance companies. The above explanation is a little description for you who are looking for an insurance company reference.

Similarly, some insurance companies that I can explain to become your reference. New York health insurance best always try to provide the best service. To that end, the final choice is in your heart to choose companies that match your criteria. Let insurance.


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